THE BARD: Saviors of Queens

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THE BARD: Saviors of Queens

This game is an ultimate answer towards all the players that always wanted easy, short and fun adventure. There's no violence, no complex storyline and definitely no morality. It's a really short game (no more than 2 hours of gameplay with autoplay feature on the easiest difficulty setting) that will not burden you with anything gameplay-related.

Let desire, wine and music guide you!

Please scroll down to find out more about our brand new title - check out the official Announcement Trailer and the latest exclusive Developer's Diary. In case you would like to pre-order THE BARD: Saviors of Queens, we will do all our best to help you.

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THE BARD: Saviors of Queens - Announcement Trailer

THE BARD: Saviors of Queens - Developer's Diary

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